I Miss Soda

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I do, I miss soda. I wonder if it is harder if the thing you miss is right there in front of you and available for $1 for the two liter bottle at Wal*Mart or if the the thing you miss is 6,241 miles away. (That’s the distance between Cleveland and Bagdad.)


10 days in….

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A funny thing happened last week. I momentarily forgot about the soda thing, and I was in a place where I would normally pour myself a cup of soda. Problem was, I kept getting distracted, and the  soda was being put away. I would head to one table, stop to talk, and the bottle would be gone by the time I made it there. When the last bottle was back in the walk-in cooler without me having had a cup, I remembered I gave up soda for a year. Actually kind of cool…

So, I’m still hoping some friends and family will join me by giving something up for a week or even a month and donate the money to one of the groups listed on this site. Time to start the nagging…

Here We Go…

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I’m in the first few hours of my no-eating-out, no-soda year. So far, so good. 😉

Coming from a military background, I’ve always known the sacrifice made by members of our military, who spend so much time away from their loved ones. But, I got knocked into action by a simple photo of my cousin Nate holding his brand-new baby son. Nate deployed overseas just days after his third child’s birth. His wife, with help from family, will be a single parent to three little ones for the next year. (I have three little ones and there are days I can’t handle it if my husband is 15 minutes late coming home from work.) Looking at that picture made my heart ache.

So, for the next year, my small sacrifices will help me keep Nate and his beautiful family in mind, and the money saved will help members of our military.

On this Fourth of July, as we celebrate the ties that unite us as a nation, I hope my friends and family will consider giving something up (your choice) for a week or even a month and donating the money not spent to one of the charities found on my blog site. Please post if you do.


Hello world!

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In World War II, the country pulled together in the form of war bonds, victory gardens, and rationing books. With each trip to the store, Americans were reminded that their sacrifices at home were helping those overseas. With the draft on in that war, and again in Vietnam, the nation could not help but feel connected–in one way or another–with our service members.

Today, with members of the military deployed all over the globe, most of us are able to go on about our daily lives with no impact. At the same time, our sailors, soldiers, Marines and airmen are missing out on moments they will never get back–birthdays, funerals, school plays and the warm embrace of loved ones.

To do some small part, I have taken on myself to give up eating in restaurants for one year and also give up soda for that same year–starting July 4–donating what I would have spent to charities supporting veterans and active duty service members. I invite you to do the same and share your thoughts and experience here.